10 Best Shows Like Buy My House

Home sales and renovation shows have been a hit for years, with an entire television network dedicated to the genre. In recent years, Netflix has jumped on this trend, and buy my house is their most recent album.

The show brings together several expert home buyers who are introduced to sellers and their respective homes for sale. Investors interested in a given property try to beat others and convince the seller to make a deal with them. Season 1 of buy my house contains only six episodes, but many similar shows can be streamed on demand.


ten The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals

Available to stream on Netflix

The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals follows a group of friends as they travel the world and find the best vacation rental homes for every type of budget.

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Several of the buyers on buy my house specializing in short-term rentals. Viewers who love the new contest and the idea of ​​fun or amazing short-term rental properties would like The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals. This show explores rental designs, amenities and local experiences that can inspire, entertain or simply relax viewers.

9 shark tank

Available to stream on Hulu

Several investors come together to hear about unique products and companies. They decide whether they want to invest in the goods or services offered. buy my house is legitimately shark tankbut instead, the client sells his house.

The format and the scenography are all the same with very slight differences. shark tank can and has introduced viewers to interesting products and even influenced sales. Several blockbuster and mainstream products debuted at the show. For example, Scrub Daddy, a unique and nifty variation of a sponge, became huge thanks to shark tank and can be found in almost any store in the United States.

8 The toy box

Available for purchase on Amazon

Entrepreneurs with cool toy inventions try to impress a group of kids in an attempt to get a contract with Mattel to sell their toys in stores. The toy box is extremely similar to shark tankand so it’s a bit like buy my house.

ABC decided to capitalize on shark tank‘s success and created a show like this, but with a quirky twist on the concept. The toy box received generally low ratings and reviews, but it’s a fun show when not taken too seriously, and it’s interesting to see what kids prefer to play with these days.

seven Instant hotel

Available to stream on Netflix

Several short-term rental property owners in Australia compete with each other and rate each other’s homes. Owners of the best place with the best amenities in the best location win an incredible season-specific prize.

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Those who have never been to Australia will want to when they witness the stunning scenery, beautiful vacation rentals and local experiences featured in Instant hotel. This series looks like buy my house because it’s a competitive reality show that’s mostly about short-term rentals. However, more time is spent on the transactional elements of the show than on exploring the houses featured. Instant hotel gives viewers more of a look at the properties in question.

6 sell sunset

Available to stream on Netflix

sell sunset follows the real estate agents of a West Hollywood firm as they sell homes to their clients. The show also explores their lives, their struggles, and the drama that comes with their careers.

sell sunset is a huge hit and is considered one of the most watchable reality shows. It’s a reality show that viewers love and adore on social media. As buy my house, sell sunset explore multiple homes, clients, and their stories in each episode. The format and drama of this show recalls dance momsbecause most agents are just for themselves and they aren’t afraid to get mean.

5 Million Dollar Beach House

Available to stream on Netflix

Million Dollar Beach House focuses on Nest Seekers, a real estate company that sells luxury properties in the Hamptons. Similar to sell sunsetthis Netflix show follows the agents of the Nest Seekers company in their work and their lives.

Unlike the old one, Million Dollar Beach House focuses more on properties and what happens in the process of selling a home than unnecessary drama between agents. The characters in this show collaborate most of the time, rather than compete with each other. This is something that buyers buy my house also when they are in love with a property but face uncertain sellers.

4 Like it or list it

Available to stream on FuboTV and Discovery+

A designer renovates a client’s house while a real estate agent tries to find him a perfect new home, and the client must choose whether to keep his house or buy a new one.

What makes shows like this appealing is that they use legitimate professionals who compete to give the client everything they could possibly want. While buyers on buy my house hope to acquire a new property, Hilary and David on Like it or list it offer their customers the choice between two great things. This show can be hard to watch at times due to over-action from the hosts. Because of this, viewers are conflicted about the fakeness of this reality show. Still, it’s still a fun watch and interesting elements to see what the customer decides to do.

3 Marriage or mortgage

Available to stream on Netflix

A wedding planner and a real estate agent compete to produce wedding plans and a dream home for couples who can only afford one big life achievement.

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Once again, two professionals compete to sin a client just like the buy my house buyers do. This show looks a lot like Like it or list it, but it feels more authentic, and replacing the house renovation with a wedding is fun and unexpected. It’s always amazing to see what professionals come up with, and it’s a great source of inspiration for couples planning their next steps together.

2 The voice

Available to stream on FuboTV

The voice is one of the biggest singing competition shows on television. Four celebrities choose from hundreds of voices, assemble teams and lead their singers to victory.

The voice is an entirely different concept from buy my house, but the blind auditions that attract the most attention from viewers have a structure similar to that of the real estate show. As buy my house, professionals get content, and everyone who loves what’s in front of them has to compete for it. Ultimately, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to choose from the options available to them.

1 Profit

Available to stream on Peacock

Profit follows Marcus Lemonis as he finds failing businesses and invests his time and money to save them. This show reminds Nightmares in the kitchen and shark tank as if the producers of both shows had come together to create a new series concept.

As buy my house, Marcus meets people who need his expertise and he offers help in any way he can. This is a great show for budding entrepreneurs and business owners who need inspiration and helpful tips to start and sustain their organizations.

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