10 Best Reality Shows To Watch If You Like The Circle, According To Ranker

After the recent conclusion of Season 4 of The circle, fans of the series got to watch wild catfish, an LGBTQ+ big winner playing as himself, and even a cast member playing the game as his own mother. But, despite all the fun, the season quickly ended and fans searched for more.

Luckily, these fans weren’t alone. Site users private soldier actually voted on a list of shows that fans can enjoy while waiting for 2023 to premiere Season 5. While not all of them are The circlethese are always great ways to pass the days while waiting.

Note: Ranking lists are live and continue to accumulate votes, so some rankings may have changed after this posting.


ten Rhythm + Flow (2019-Present)

Stream on Netflix

Netflix’s first big music contest, Rhythm + Flow asked musicians to compete to prove their talents. While the show had several guest judges, the main judges were Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. — all major personalities who have certainly earned the show praise.

The series has been renewed for a second season, leaving fans excited to see more of one of music TV’s best shows. For fans of The circle who appreciated the show’s focus on modern social media, Rhythm + Flow is definitely in touch with any modern fan. Plus, it’s nice to be able to gorge on a music contest, because waiting until next week is always the worst.

9 The Circle: France (2020)

Stream on Netflix

There’s nothing better for fans of a show than seeing more of it. For fans of The circle, that means finding out there’s a French version of the show could mean more of their favorite content. Working from the same premise, the series has the same social maneuvers, tricky gameplay, and trickery that fans appreciate. Also, some of the best catfish come from The Circle: France.

Although the show does not have an English dub, it is subtitled which means non-French speakers can still enjoy the series. And, if fans miss content from France, there is always The Circle: Brazil for the enjoyment of the fans.

8 Survivor (2000–present)

Stream on Paramount+

Jeff Probst Smiling Survivor

A show that has lasted for over 20 years and 42 seasons, Survivor leaves its cast in tropical locations and forces them to work together in tribes to survive and overcome challenges. Tribes also have to elect each other every time they lose a challenge, which means strategy and social advancement come into play.

The show is loved for its strategic maneuvers and thrilling locations. Fiji, the Australian Outback and Borneo have all been major sites with dramatically different environments. Although some aspects of Survivor are wrong, it’s always fun to see people from many walks of life trying to survive after being abandoned on an island.

seven Iron Chef America (2004-2018)

Broadcast to discover+

Iron Chef America judges Bobby Flay, Michael Symon and Masaharu Morimoto in a press photo

Given that Iron Chef America spanned almost 15 years and 13 seasons, it more than earned its accolades by building a solid fan base. As the title suggests, the show is a cooking-focused game show, as the judges do their best to track down America’s best chefs.

The show has spawned numerous spin-offs over the years, ranging from Iron Chef: Gauntlet at Quest for an Iron Legend. While aspects of iron boss are definitely wrong, it’s always fun to see the most talented chefs across the country vying for the chance to become an iron chef.

6 Ultimate Beastmaster (2017-2018)

Stream on Netflix

A contestant on Ultimate Beastmaster doing an obstacle

A bit similar to American ninja warriorby Netflix Ultimate Beast Master features the best athletes from around the world, as players desperately attempt to complete elaborate obstacle courses. The course itself, the Beast, is the main challenge for players, earning the title “Beastmaster” each time they complete a challenge.

The courses themselves are incredibly complicated and each seems impossible to complete. It’s amazing to watch, and it’s especially amazing to see what each Beastmaster can accomplish.

5 Top Chef (2006-Present)

Stream on Peacock & Hulu

The cast and hosts of Top Chef All Stars season 8

Another cooking show, and one with 19 seasons (and counting) to date, Excellent chef begins the season with a wide cast of characters, and the judges slowly whittle down the cast throughout the season. Judging chefs based on the dishes presented, if a chef is having a bad day it could mean a one-way ticket home.

As iron boss, Excellent chef has produced numerous themed spin-offs. Some focus on amateurs and others on masters or desserts. fans of The circle will certainly appreciate some of the arguments on Excellent chef and the social problems it can cause. That’s probably why fans ranked Excellent chef as high as they did.

4 The Voice (2011–present)

Stream on Hulu

Blake Shelton Carson Daly The Voice

A singing show promising a cash prize and a record deal to its winners, The voice attracted fans from all over the world. With a rotating cast of judges, the show’s main draw is just the talent of its performers – and each fan’s hope of seeing their favorite make it to the end.

After 21 seasons of the show, it only makes sense that fans would recommend it. After all, the performances are incredible and have proven themselves capable of sustaining the series for 11 years. Although he does not have the same strategic thinking as The circlethe cast is equally amazing and can keep fans engaged.

3 The Masked Singer (2019–present)

Stream on Hulu and Tubi

The Masked Singer's Space Rabbit Performance

For fans who enjoyed catfishing on The circle, The Masked Singer is definitely the perfect show. Famous singers dress up in elaborate costumes, while the judges desperately try to uncover their identities along the way, using several clues provided by the show.

Viewers can attempt to game the judges, and the less popular singers are sent home – and their masks removed. It’s a fun show that encourages viewers to work as hard as the judges.

2 Sugar Rush (2018–2020)

Stream on Netflix

A baking show that ran for three seasons (plus two seasons of a Christmas spinoff show), Netflix’s sugar rush has been entertaining fans since 2019. Each team’s elaborate creations help propel them through every round in hopes of claiming a small cash prize after each episode.

Although the series has little in common with The circle, it certainly scratches the itch for fun reality TV that can be watched in one sitting without too much hassle. It’s also a lot of fun, which is certainly why Ranker voters ranked it so highly.

1 Nailed (2018–present)

Stream on Netflix

Nailed it

Another baking show, and one that has run for eight seasons so far, Nailed it scratches the same social media itch as The circle fact, and – given that it’s a Netflix show – can be just as easily binged. Home bakers are invited to replicate elaborate cake designs, and it turns out as well as fans might expect.

The show is often incredibly funny, especially as the contestants desperately try to deal with ingredients they’ve never encountered before. Judges often shed some light on mediocre creations, even if some cakes end up impressing. Fans probably recommended the show because of how hilarious it can be throughout the series.

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